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For the IPHONE / IPOD and IPAD

S E C U R E D  L I N K S

Secured Links
- For the IPHONE / IPOD and IPAD

Best secured links web browser app in app store. Keep sensitive Safari favorite links
private when your phone is unlocked from prying eyes. When Secured Links starts,
you are prompted to slide to unlock and to enter your secure passcode.
You can also set up a decoy passcode which will show a different set of secure links.

➡ Secured login
➡ Decoy password mode
➡ Add links directly from secured browser
➡ Custom secure login picture
➡ Private inline email support
➡ Browser rotation
➡ Shake to quick lock anywhere in app
➡ Quick lock button
➡ 2 Custom link modes - main password and decoy password
➡ Fast private browser looks and acts just like safari
➡ Cool lock screen interface looks like your Iphones with alphabetic keyboard
➡ Slick user interface

 Requires IOS 4.0 or above

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